Don’t we all want whiter, brighter smiles? Sometimes brushing is not enough to achieve the results we want. Clean teeth represent our lifestyle and hygiene habits. It gives us the confidence to be more social and express ourselves without worrying about our looks. 

You might consider getting professional teeth whitening treatment, over-the-counter kits, or DIY home remedies. While doing everything at home does sound efficient, it is not always advisable. 

Why Should You Consider Professional Whitening? 

Professionals always know what they are doing. You might hesitate to get an expert to help due to many reasons. Here are some points on why you should consider having your teeth whitened professionally.

Teeth Whitening Affordable Process 

Professional teeth whitening shows results in just one sitting. You will not need to visit the dentist’s office regularly. It saves the cost of visitation and also takes lesser time. If you decide to use DIY teeth whitening remedies, you can try multiple times to get satisfactory results.

At Castillo Family Dentistry, we offer financing options that give flexibility to payments and make it easier for you to manage your family’s healthcare expenses. We also use universal trays that eliminate the cost of impressions.

Effective And Efficient Process 

There are countless over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments available. However, Their results are not desirable. Store-bought teeth whitening treatments contain lesser effective solutions when compared to professional treatment. Their bleach is weak and often dangerous for internal use. They can decrease the shade of your teeth by only a few shades. 

Professional teeth whitening gives better results in just one appointment. They use stronger bleach solutions that are safe and won’t risk your health. 

Our dentists in Ardmore provide the best teeth whitening treatments that are highly effective and will make your smile shine like diamonds.

Customizable As Per Your Need 

Pure white teeth may not be suitable for all skin tones. Professional teeth whitening treatments customize your teeth’s color according to your requirements. They choose the shade that would look most flattering on you. At Castillo Family Dentistry, dentists use a shade card to determine the current shade of your teeth. Then, you will discuss how much lighter you want your teeth to be.

Boosting Your Oral Hygiene 

Teeth Whitening not only lightens the color but also cleans your mouth. Dentists will clean your mouth so that the bleach is equally effective on each of your teeth. This process removes bacteria and other harmful germs from your mouth. These bacteria cause bad breath and can cause further decay and infection.

Provides Longer Lasting Results 

Professional Teeth Whitening treatments remain effective for up to two years, just in one sitting. It also depends on your oral hygiene routine. A good oral hygiene routine will ensure that your teeth remain white and clean for a longer period. Store-bought kits can lighten your teeth by a few shades, but that last for only 2-4 weeks. Our treatments are a permanent solution to restore your smile.

Teeth Whitening Treatment In Ardmore

We at Castillo Family Dentistry offer the best Teeth Whitening treatment in Ardmore. We offer high-quality services for your family. Your safety and satisfaction are our main concerns. We offer payment plans to make you get what you want without spending too much. Our dentists and hygienists will discuss the treatments and also clear your doubts with patience and diligence.

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