Dental emergencies are unfortunate, but luckily many dentists offer emergency dental services in Ardmore. Emergency dentistry assures that you will be seen by an emergency dentist at the earliest for treatment. The treatment for dental emergencies will vary relying on the type of emergency service you need.

It is crucial to call your emergency dentist in Ardmore instantly if you believe you are undergoing a dental emergency.

 5 Common Dental Emergency Issues

Cracked Or Chipped Teeth

While teeth are incredibly strong, they can get damaged if they are often used to bite down on hard objects. Teeth affected by tooth decay are more likely to get damaged this way. Chipped and cracked teeth can also be due to an accident or while playing contact sports. If your tooth becomes chipped or cracked, try to find it and collect any of the fragments. Then, preserve them in a vessel full of milk until you visit your Ardmore emergency dentist.

Soft Tissue Damage

Handling a dental emergency is a top priority of our Ardmore emergency dentist. Sometimes an emergency can also be an issue that concerns the soft tissue structures of the mouth like gums, tongue, cheeks, and lips. Usually, these sorts of injuries contain scratches, punctures, and tears. With a soft tissue injury, you will want to clean the area with warm water and then apply pressure to stop the bleeding.


Toothaches that are intense, impulsive, and prevailing are cause for worry. If you have a toothache, you should first floss to ensure there is nothing lodged between your teeth. If something is lodged and floss can’t get it out, visit our emergency dentist in Ardmore. Do not try to pull it out using sharp objects, as this can induce further injury. Another cause of toothache is a pulp infection. The dental pulp holds nerves and can cause aches when it gets infected. In any case, you should visit an emergency dental office in Ardmore if the toothache continues.

Loose Or Knocked-Out Teeth

Teeth can become loose or knocked out for a combination of reasons. In most cases, knocked-out teeth are usually the result of a traumatic injury or hard hit. Both loose and knocked-out teeth need immediate dental care. A loose tooth should be kept in the socket followed by a gentle biting down. Knocked-out teeth should be held only by the crown to avoid harming the tooth root. Any waste should be gently rinsed, however, any tissue should be left in position. The tooth should be put back into its socket and gently bit down on to hold it in place. However, if that is not possible, the tooth should be kept in a jar of milk until you visit your Ardmore emergency dentist.

Lost Dental Restoration

There are cases when dental restorations can become loose or fall out. If this happens, you will have to locate and rinse the restoration before visiting your Ardmore emergency dentist. Be sure to bring the fall-out restoration to your emergency dental visit. In some cases, temporary tooth restorations may get loose. Although they are temporary, still temporary restorations must remain in place until the permanent restoration is done. In these cases, you must try to hold the restoration in place until you can be seen by our Ardmore emergency dentist.

Emergency Dentist In Ardmore

If you have been suffering from prolonged toothache or have met with a dental emergency, you must contact your emergency dentist in Ardmore immediately. Contact us now to get relief.