When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

Dental implants are the best alternative to other options for replacing missing teeth. For instance, dentures can fall out while bridges can eventually fit inadequately and cause the nearby teeth to wear down. The dental implants will act as the roots of the missing teeth, providing a strong support system for the false teeth. There are a few cases where you will want to consider getting dental implants in Ardmore.

When To Choose Dental Implants?

Unlike dentures or other alternatives to replace missing teeth, dental implants will not slip into the mouth when the patient is eating or talking. The implant base is so strong as it is surgically placed in the jawbone. The implant post is made up of titanium, meaning that the base can fuse to the jawbone, furnishing a secure fit for the patient.

If you get dental implants from Ardmore dentist will not drive cause to the bone as dentures or bridges can. Instead, the implants can stop bone loss because they stimulate the jawbone. It can help to maintain the patient’s facial structure.

Ardmore dental implants can help to replace one or more teeth in the patient’s mouth. As long as the patient is ready to commit several months to the procedure to let the bone fuse to the screw, dental implant surgery can be a good option for patients with missing teeth.

Types Of Dental Implants

There are two main types of dental implants- fixed and removable. A fixed dental implant cannot be removed. It is permanently cemented or screwed into the jawbone. Generally, each artificial tooth has a screw in the jawbone & it functions just like a tooth root. However, in some cases, like the All-on-4 implant, a few implants replace many teeth.

A removable dental implant will snap onto the screw into the jawbone. Because the screw is so strong, one or more teeth can be combined and snap onto one implant. The implant is strong enough that it will not force the tooth or set of teeth to move as a denture would. The removable implant can pop out of the mouth easily for cleaning and when repairing is required.

Long Lasting Implants

Just like with natural teeth, dental implants have to be cleaned appropriately to make them last a long time. It is also crucial to keep the gums around the area clean, an easy way to keep them clean is by using an interdental toothbrush. Patients should regularly visit their Ardmore cosmetic dentist provider for checkups and cleanings to keep the gums and mouth healthy.

Dental Implants In Ardmore

If you have one or more missing teeth, get dental implants in Ardmore as it is the best solution for restoring your lost smile. The implants are a better option than dentures that slip in the mouth or cause discomfort in speaking & eating. Dental implants can also help to prevent jawbone loss by stimulating the bone. Visiting an Ardmore cosmetic dentist is the first step toward a new, healthy smile. Contact us today or visit our dental office in Ardmore to know more.